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Gulf Agro Organic Fertilizer..Easy to use and clean

Gulf Agro .. Easy to useGulf Agro Organic Fertilizer

Gulf Agro .. Easy to use

One of the most important things that a farmer should consider when purchasing fertilizer

is the ease of use in various irrigation methods, whether modern or traditional.

Certainly this is what we have taken care of in our fertilizer Gulf Agro Omani,

as we have produced  as a high quality liquid, concentrated and free of impurities as possible,

so that it is easy to use in modern irrigation of all kinds of nets. This helps save effort and time, and achieves the highest levels of nutrition on productive farms and in home gardens and parks alike.

How to use Gulf Agro Organic Fertilizer

Gulf Agro is used for ground irrigation by

mixing it with water in a very small percentage, depending on the season and temperature.

In summer, we recommend reducing the dose to one milliliter per liter of water.

While in winter, spring and autumn two milliliters per liter of water.

It can also be used as a foliar spray, as this is an advantage, as it does not need to add a diffuser and stabilizer, as in some other fertilizers.

If you want to get better results, you should follow the instructions for optimal use in productive farms of Gulf Agro fertilizer,

which is ground irrigation once, and once a foliar spray alternately every week, so that the plant benefits from the advantages of the two methods.

But remember that we always stress that the foliar spray should not exceed one milliliter per liter of water in all cases, because the leaves are more sensitive than the roots in this aspect.

The importance of organic fertilizer for plants

Gulf Agro is used for all types of plants without exception. As all plants of all kinds need the nutrients, free amino acids and beneficial bacteria that our distinctive product has. So that these plants grow healthy and flower and then bear abundant and good fruit.

Therefore, Gulf Agro Omani fish fertilizer gave excellent results on leafy plants such as lettuce, parsley and watercress. It also gave good results and double production in fodder, grains and legumes, and in fruit vegetables such as cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes. The same is the case with fruits and citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, quince, figs, pomegranates, bananas, and others. It also gave very good results on Sidr trees and palm trees of all kinds.

How to use fish fertilizer at home

It should be noted the issue of ease of use in our distinctive product Gulf Agro in all types of traditional and modern irrigation

.In external domestic use, it can be used easily by filling a bucket of approximately 20 liters with water,

then adding 40 ml of Gulf Agro, which is equivalent to about a quarter of a cup, and then mixing it well until each plant is given the amount that suits it according to its size.

For example, a seedling that is about half a meter tall takes half a liter of mixed water. While a meter-long seedling takes one liter of mixed water, and a large palm tree takes a whole pail.

Experts indicate that it is possible to use Omani fish fertilizer of high quality

in the aerial spraying of large farms, as it gives great results that produce fodder, grains,

legumes and others. Where one hectare (which is ten thousand square meters) needs four liters of our wonderful fertilizer Gulf Agro once a week.

Benefits of Gulf Agro Omani Fish Fertilizer

How to use liquid organic fertilizer

Advantages of Omani fish fertilizer

Gulf Agro Omani fish fertilizer has many benefits for plants, soil and even modern irrigation systems. As it dissolves the accumulated salts on the sides of the sprinkler and drip holes

these salts often lead to weak water flow to the plant, which hinders the arrival of a sufficient amount of water to the plant.

This will not bother you after using our premium quality Gulf Agro Omani Fish Fertilizer, because one of its advantages is that it is moderately acidic,

and certainly this acidity will dissolve the salt accumulated on the sprinklers of irrigation systems and drip holes. In addition, it dissolves soil salts, which results in improving the properties of the soil and increasing the organic elements in it. Acids also increase the efficiency of plant roots in absorbing the nutrients it needs, and raise the plant’s efficiency in resisting stress caused by high humidity, diseases or harsh climatic conditions such as extreme heat and extreme cold.