Gulf Agro Fish Fertilizer to resist soil salts

Gulf Agro Fish Fertilizer to resist soil salts

Gulf Agro Fertilizer to resist soil salts

Gulf Agro Fish Fertilizer is one of the most important types of fertilizers, it helps to resist soil salts and acidity. As agricultural soils have a direct effect on the plant.

This is because the plant takes most of the water and nutrition from the soil. Also, the alkalinity and acidity of the soil, and the percentage of salts in it, negatively or positively affect the plant. Therefore, it is very beneficial for the plant whenever fertilizer is acidic and rich in organic elements and amino acids.

The most important considerations in the manufacture of fish fertilizer:

The desert soils in the Gulf and the Arab world are, for the most part, alkaline and saline.

so the product of Gulf Agro Fertilizer uses to resist soil salt


well water mostly contains salts, which farmers suffer from damage to plants; Hence, our interest when manufacturing our product Gulf Agro is a high-quality liquid organic fish fertilizer

to resist soil salts as follows:

1- It should be an acidic liquid fertilizer, with a pH of 3ph.

2- That the fish fertilizer contains the largest possible percentage of organic elements and amino acids, as we chose the sardine fish to be the main component of the product.

For being very rich in free organic amino acids. It is 49%, which is very high, even if it is compared to fertilizers specific to only amino acids.

3- The fish fertilizer works to control the alkalinity of the soil, dissolve the salts in it,

and facilitate the absorption of nutrients. which is called the process of chelating the elements.

Fish fertilizer manufacturing

acid fertilizer

The benefits of acidic fish manure for the soil:

Alkaline soil hinders plant absorption of fertilizers. Even if it is available in the soil so that  Gulf Agro Fish Fertilizer resists soil salts contains the ideal pH for the absorption of elements is between 6-7, meaning that it should tend to be slightly acidic.

This, in turn, helps in dissolving salts in acidic soils; Which is exactly what our product Gulf Agro acid fertilizer does in resisting soil salts

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