Gulf Agro Organic Fertilizer..Easy to use and clean

Gulf Agro Organic Fertilizer..Easy to use and clean

Gulf Agro Organic Fertilizer..Easy to use and clean

One of the considerations that must be taken in mind  when buying and purchasing Gulf Agro organic fertilizer. Ease to use in various modern and traditional irrigation methods.

and this is what we have taken in mind  in our product Gulf Agro Omani Fish Fertilizer.

As we produced it as a high-quality liquid product , free of impurities as much as possible,

in order to facilitate its use in modern irrigation networks of all kinds.

It saves effort , time and achieves the highest levels of nutrition in productivity .

and in home gardens and parks alike.

How to use Gulf Agro Organic Fertilizer

Gulf Agro uses ground irrigation by mixing it with water in a very small percentage .

according to the season and temperature.

In the summer, we recommend reducing the dose to one milliliter per liter of water.

While in winter, spring and autumn, 2 milliliters per liter of water,

Sothat it does not need to add a diffuser and a stabilizer, as is the case in some other fertilizers.

The optimal use in productive farms of Gulf Agro fertilizer. It is once a ground irrigation and once a foliar spray alternately every week.

So that the plant benefits from the advantages of the two methods;

While we always emphasize that the foliar spray should not exceed the dose of one milliliter per liter of water in all cases, because the leaves are more sensitive than the roots in this aspect.

The importance of organic fertilizer for plants

Gulf Agro is used for all types of plants without exception, as all plants of all kinds need nutrients, free amino acids, and beneficial vital bacteria.

Which our distinguished product of decomposed organic fertilizer excels in order to grow healthy and bloom and then bear abundant and good fruit.

Therefore, Omani fish fertilizer Gulf Agar gave excellent results on leafy plants such as lettuce, parsley, and watercress.

It also gave good results, and doubled production in fodder, grains and legumes, and in fruit vegetables such as cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes.

The same is the case with fruits and citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, quince, figs, pomegranates, bananas and others. He also gave very good results on Sidr trees and palm trees of all kinds.

Benefits of  Omani Fish Fertilizer

How to use liquid organic fertilizer
Benefits of Gulf Agro Fertilizer

The benefits of Gulf Agro Omani fish fertilizer of high quality are many on the plants, on the soil, and on modern irrigation systems as well.

Where our product dissolves the accumulated salts on the sides of the drip holes and sprinklers; Those salts that often lead to poor water flow to the plant, which leads to insufficient water reaching the plant.

This troublesome thing you will not find with the use of our high quality Gulf Agro (Omani Fish Fertilizer). Because it is an acidic fertilizer.

This acidity will dissolve the salts accumulated on the drip holes and sprinklers of irrigation networks;

It improves its properties, increases the organic elements in it, and increases the efficiency of plant roots in absorbing the nutrients it needs.

 also raises the efficiency of the plant in resisting the stress that affects it due to harsh climatic conditions such as heat and extreme cold, or due to high humidity or diseases.