Gulf Agro Fertilizer to fertilize the soil rich in major and minor amino acids

?Why Gulf Agro


Why Gulf Agro?

 Why was Omani fish fertilizer Gulf Agro produced if there are dozens of types of fertilizers on the market?

Certainly, you are asking yourself, why did the experts produce the Omani fish fertilizer “Gulf Agro”

when there are nearly dozens of types of fertilizers and various agricultural fertilizers in the market?

The correct answer is that Gulf Agro Omani fish fertilizer has been produced from scientifically ,

processed sardines to be an integrated solution.

As it can make you dispense with the use of many fertilizers and other agricultural fertilizers.

Because it is rich in all the nutrients that the plant needs in a balanced way,

and because it is also very rich in free amino acids that play an active role in raising the efficiency of the plant

to resist the harsh climatic conditions in our Gulf and Arab countries.

 How to use Gulf Agro fish fertilizer:

Gulf Agro fish fertilizer is highly concentrated and has a liquid consistency, as it is mixed with water in a small percentage. This is the secret of ease of use

which is two milliliters per liter of water in gro irrigation.

And one milliliter per liter of water in the foliar spray.

Repeat this process once every week to get good results.
Results are shown by new active vegetative growth, dense flowering, and good fruiting.

The balance of divine elements that God Almighty deposited in the fish of sardines,

and its high content of free amino acids, which amounted to 49%.

in addition to its containing the beneficial biological bacteria called EM1 make Gulf Agro a unique product.

This is because the balance of the elements according to the needs of the plant is a very important issue,

as it protects against the deficiency of some of them, or the increase and conflict of some of them .

with each other, which leads to the weakness or deterioration of production if it is not immediately corrected.

Advantages of fertilizing the soil with organic manure Gulf Agro
How to use fish fertilizer

What are the benefits of amino acids?

As for free amino acids, they have wonderful benefits for plants; Indeed, we may not be exaggerating if we say:
The benefit of amino acids in our harsh region on the plant is very important,
especially if we know that one of its most important benefits is to increase the plant’s resistance to the stress that befalls
it due to extreme heat or extreme cold, dust and dirt, high humidity, soil salts or diseases.
It preserves, God willing, many plants from dying during the harsh and severe summer months in the Gulf countries and some Arab countries.
The clearest example of this is the green areas (agricultural grass), many of which were burning with you last summer; It will not be like that anymore with the use of Gulf Agro, a high quality Omani fish fertilizer that is very rich in free amino acids.

Other great benefits of amino acids!

The amino acids play a major role in the vital processes of the plant.

This helps to solve a problem that many farmers suffer from around the world, which is the problem of Alternate (Biennial Bearing).

That is, fruit trees bear fruit in one year and bear less or no fruit in the following year. This clearly occurs in olive trees in the Levant and elsewhere, and in mango trees in Egypt.

Another important benefit of free amino acids is that they chelate the elements, as they facilitate the absorption of elements in the plant.

They also work to achieve a balance of elements within the plant, and to prevent the conflict of elements that sometimes leads to the plant not benefiting from the two conflicting elements if their ratio increases.

 One of the benefits of amino acids is to increase the strength of flowering and holding the fruits, as well as the early ripening of the fruits, which gives a competitive marketing advantage for the crop, as it precedes other similar crops in the market for at least two weeks. And many more benefits of free plant amino acids that our premium product Gulf Agro Omani Fish Fertilizer enjoys.

What is the importance of the gulf Agro product

One of the most important advantages of Gulf Agro product,  is that it provides the farmer with all the above-mentioned advantages in one product.

This means that it offers four products in one!

  • Firstly, a product of the main elements (nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium).
  • Secondly, a product of the minor elements (calcium, magnesium, carbon, iron, zinc, manganese, copper, boron, molybdenum, aluminum, cobalt, chromium).
  • Third, it is a product of free amino acids (49%).
  • Fourth, it is the product of a beneficial probiotic bacteria called EM1.

Therefore, the Gulf Agro product saves the farmer a lot of expenses. Thus, it increases the economic feasibility of the agricultural project.

and makes farming easy and enjoyable for the amateur farming love

With this, we hope that we have answered a logical and worthy question: Why Gulf Agro ? May you always be well and happy.